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soft serve vanilla - pic by Chad H. on Yelp - Carvel Ice Cream near Alexan Earl

Carvel Ice Cream near Alexan Earl

 Some treats don’t need a specific season to be enjoyed, like Carvel Ice Cream near Alexan Earl. Luxury is another treat that is good all year round. You can find plenty when you make your move to Alexan Earl, opening in early 2021. Treat yourself to plush apartment amenities and exciting indoor and outdoor community features. Choose the floorplan that is right for you and settle into a relaxing lifestyle. Enjoy local favorites like Carvel Ice Cream when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can find plenty of upscale dining and shopping choices in Arlington, Virginia. Make your next move the right one to Alexan Earl.

Ice Cream

There is something about ice cream that takes people back to some happy moments. That is no different at Carvel Ice Cream. Best of all, no matter what, everyone has a favorite flavor. Chad H. shares the scoop on Yelp, “The soft serve vanilla ice cream is always enjoyable here! This place feels like a throwback. Order at the window and plenty of benches outside. The small cup/cone is quite large, so I can’t imagine the size of the large cup. They have lots of flavors, but the soft serve flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and swirl. When I think of the summer, this is a place I think of. Makes me feel like a kid again. Looking forward to come back while it is still hot out.” Anytime is right for ice cream. 

Enjoy Carvel Ice Cream near Alexan Earl and other local favorites when you find your new luxury apartment home in Arlington, Virginia—opening early 2021 and pre-leasing soon.