Hatch Chili Queso - pic by Emily D. on Yelp - Patio Service at The Renegade

Patio Service at The Renegade

After finding a new luxury apartment home at Alexan Earl, the most fun you can have is finding your go-to restaurant. No matter the cuisine, you need a go-to spot to entertain guests or to grab a bite when the party keeps rolling. Even amidst all the commotion, you can enjoy patio service at The Renegade again. Meet your friends for some eats and drinks, then invite them back to your place to share some of the good life. With Alexan Earl opening in early 2021, you can start planning to make your move. Picture yourself entertaining guests with plush apartment features and fun community amenities. No matter what makes your list for a fantastic weekend, you can find it at Alexan Earl.

Patio Service

With incredible community support, The Renegade has kept its doors open, and for a good reason. Premium food and good humor have kept customers coming back for more. Now that people can enjoy patio service in addition to takeout, the customers at The Renegade are feeling the vibe again. Emily D. shares the scoop on Yelp, “Service was great. Environment was welcoming, safe, and clean. Food was good, way better than I expected for the spot, just given the nightclub vibe. And it’s got a good, long happy hour!! Lemongrass beef bowl was reallyyy good and I wish we got more of the small plates to try! We’ll definitely be back!” What more could you ask for? You will find plenty of go-to spots once you make your move to Alexan Earl.

Enjoy patio service at The Renegade once you move to Alexa Earl, luxury apartment homes in Arlington, Virginia. Opening in early 2021 and pre-leasing soon.